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October 16, 2009 at 8:25 AMHenrik Nilsson

I’ve had a long discussion with Markus Vilcinskas on the FIM Forum on a thread started by Carol Wapshere maybe better known as MissMiis on the subject ”Selective provisioning to FIM”.

Carol wanted a way of bringing only a subset of users into the FIM AppStore and I really understand why, the reasons could be to save money on CAL’s - 30.000 users * 25$ = 750.000$, or maybe you already have perfectly working legacy sync rules.

Think before you try to do this, the best practice is that AppStore is should be a mirror of the Metaverse except of course for the resource types that live exclusively in the AppStore.

My first idea was it could be fairly simple to filter out users from the AppStore by the filter you could find in the declarative input sync rule but that was not a good idea at all, if you have 32.000 resources and you filter out 30.000 of these all of the filtered resources will be hit during sync since they're disconnectors. This is bad!

I also must admit I had a silly belief that the “Create Resource in FIM” checkbox, unchecked would project resources into the Metaverse and I was all wrong and for that I’ve promised to wear a silly hat all day.


So how should it be done then?
The best practice is to bring all your objects into AppStore but you could bring objects you don’t want to manage in the AppStore as separate object types into Metaverse using legacy rules but remember you won’t get the management of unique identifiers and group management might become a nightmare so think before you plan on not bringing all your objects into AppStore!

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FIM 2010 RC1 is out!!!

September 30, 2009 at 8:18 PMHenrik Nilsson

Download it here
A VHD will be available in 7-10 days at the same location…

Documentation could be found at the Connect site.

  • RC1 Release Notes
  • RC1 Installation Guide
  • RC1 SDK

Edit 2009-10-03: Documentation could now be found at

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Updated web service client samples

September 29, 2009 at 10:54 PMHenrik Nilsson


The IDA Guys have posted a new FIM 2010 RC1 ready version of the web service client sample applications to:

Identity Management Extensibility Samples

Edit 2009-09-30: There's another update today!

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