FIM 2010 RC1 Breaking change, DesignerHostProvider :-(

October 4, 2009 at 1:20 PMHenrik Nilsson

In my activities I’ve been using the ProcessParameterPicker extensively, a control that show’s a button with the text “Lookup” and when clicked you would have the possibility to select from different available attributes.

In RC0 this control was available by calling base.DesignerHostProvider.CreateParameterPickerControl() from a class that inherited ActivitySettingsPart since the DesignerHostProvider property was protected, with other words available from inherited classes.

designerHostProvider RC0

In RC1 the Product Team don’t want us too use the ProcessParameterPicker control from custom activities anymore so they’ve made it internal. This made all my activities useless in RC1 unless the ProcessParameterPicker is removed from the code.

designerHostProvider RC1

Another breaking change is that the Microsoft.IdentityManagement.WebBase.dll has been removed and what it used to contain has been moved to Microsoft.IdentityManagement.WFExtensionInterfaces.dll but this is simply solved by removing the reference to Microsoft.IdentityManagement.WebBase.dll and updating the reference to Microsoft.IdentityManagement.WFExtensionInterfaces.dll.

Currently I’m waiting for the VHD to be released before I’ll update my library for RC1 and we’ll see how I’ll be able to handle the ProcessParameterPicker…

They’ve also forgotten to update the SDK with this change.
(On the “Using Custom Activities in FIM” page, ActivitySettingsPart):

I’ve added a request to the make the ProcessParameterPicker available again because I don’t see the reason why this has been taken away for custom activities:

Update 2009-10-05: Microsoft have chosen to make the ProcessParameterPicker internal with this explanation...

As part of the changes between RC0 and RC1 we locked down the vast majority of our classes, including the class that you identified here, as a best practice of exposing only supported interfaces publically.

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