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September 18, 2009 at 8:50 AMHenrik Nilsson

After a lot of struggling with ILM"2" RC0 in the beginning of the summer that has way too much problems I decided to take a break, vacation and other work conveniently came in the way. I've just attended TEC 2009 (Kudos to Quest and all the presenters for a great conference) and that really inspired me to get going again and right now I'm impatiently waiting for RC1 that should be a lot more stable release. According to Microsoft RC1 will be released 30/9.

What got me going again I think was the TEC presentations around auditing (thanks to Gil Kirkpatrick, Quest and Tomasz Onyszko, Microsoft Poland) and RBAC (thanks to Jan Macherzyński, Microsoft Poland) on FIM2010 and hopefully I'll get the time to try it out in depth and maybe even have the opportunity to blog about it.

About the Cortego Workflow Activity Library it's on hold until RC1 is released then I'll port it to reflect any changes in RC1, fix some bugs and unless there’s added support for managing multi-value attributes in the sync-rules I'll add an “update multi-value activity” that’s already working for RC0 but not yet released but if anyone out there really needs a way to manage multi-value attributes right now, drop me a message and I'll send you the code.

About RC1 there are a lot of changes and here are a couple of things changed (thanks to Mark Wahl for the TEC presentation)

  • New database structure(This has been known for months).
  • OVC’s are now RCDC (Can’t remember what RCDC stands for).
  • There will be a MPR explorer in order to simplify the search of and finding out what any MPR was created to do.
  • You’ll be able to disable MPR’s
  • There will be PowerShell configuration migration tools, not only for extracting and writing configuration but also for merging extracted configurations from different environments.
  • Health parameters for MOM and SCOM.
  • Patching of FIM 2010 over Windows Update.
  • MPR’s for password reset out of the box (only they’re disabled).
  • A lot of changes to historic data. I’ve understood that except for the already known changes in the XPath dialect the historic requests won’t be stored forever and how long time they’re supposed to be stored might be configurable. I was told more details around this might be found on Nima’s Blog after the release.
  • More control over workflows from application configuration (Unfortunately I don’t remember the details around this).
  • The EnumerateResourceIterationActivity and the ScriptHostActivity are gone but a new Requestor validation activity is added for group self service scenarios.

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