FIM 2010: How to let non-admin group owners manage their groups

December 2, 2009 at 6:57 PMHenrik Nilsson

I turns out there’s a lot of things that needs to be in place before this is made possible…

Usage Keyword

Usage keywords are required for letting non-admin users see portal design elements like navigation bar and home page resources but also for letting them being able to use search scopes. The keyword for letting non-admin users take part of these objects is BasicUI…

1. Under Administration and Home Page Resources select the “Manage my SG’s” and add the keyword BasicUI as usage keyword.


2. Go back to Administration and select Navigation Bar Resources. Select the “My SG’s” navigation bar resource and add the BasicUI keyword to this one as well.

3. Go back to Administration again and select Search Scopes. Add BasicUI as Usage keyword to the “My Security Groups” Search Scope


There is two MPR’s that allows for group owners to manage their groups. Both of these are disabled by default.

4. Go back to Administration and in to Management Policy Rules. Open and enable these two MPR’s:

  • Security group management: Owners can read selected attributes of group resources
  • Security group management: Owners can update and delete groups they own


5. Done!


The usage keyword stuff is poorly documented but I hope this will be better…

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