The author.

My name is as I believe you've noticed Henrik and...

  • I live in Stockholm, Sweden or to be more exact around here.
  • I work at Identitry as a consultant within the IDA area using Microsoft products.
  • I've got shoe size 41 (7-7½ in the US according to this conversion guide).
  • I went to school here, here and here.
  • I'm 172cm tall (or 67.7" - why do you Americans always have to stick to your own standards?)
  • I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer.
  • I'm a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer For Microsoft .NET.
  • I'm a Microsoft Certified Application Developer For Microsoft .NET.
  • I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
  • I'm a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
  • ...And of course I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional.
  • I've got a daughter named Tara.
  • I've got a cat named Satan.
  • My girlfriends name is Amanda.
  • I don't like soccer - I'm not very fond of sports at all to be honest.
  • I like listening to Rock'n Roll and watching movies.
  • I like cooking and of course eating... and drinking...

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